The book

My first book is a philosophical, some kind of spiritual and socio-critical way to question the own desires, backgrounds and also conditions of times like yesterday, today and tomorrow just like judging a book by its cover. Among others, it is about key questions like ‘what to do with my life?’ and ‘how to find the own and true will?’. We are living in a society reigned by insurances brokers, and led by wait-and-wonder governments, while we are not able to guess or see upcoming opportunites most of the time.

This book is not a conventional ‘find your own way’-Book, which can be found in great numbers in any library of this world, as it deals with spiritual and emotional questions, like the origin of the own past, present and potential future, as well as it tries to deal with a mythological, metaphorical and questioning approach our hierarchy of needs and desires. On the one hand it is kind of a travel to the origin of our needs and desires, on the other hand it can be seen as a book of reflection, trying to give the reader a better understanding of him- or herself.

Every reader will recognise oneself in this book, and also take some precious conclusions with it. I give you my word!

Even if I have been through several pages and chapters of this book and also reflected them, I still don’t know where this will end. For me it is not only the reading, but also the nascent process of this book, which may show some sort of aim or way. This shall be a column for the reader aswell.

The preface and very first pages of the introduction can evoke mind games and imaginations about the things laying behind the curtain, full of socio-critical, spiritual, mythological and philosophical words, poems, rimes and rhetorical devices.

I wish you fun and joy with these few pages of my book, which has no accurate title yet. But mind, that this might be not the final versions of the preface and introduction.










Introduction – „what do I want?“





I hope you enjoyed the foretaste of what is to come and can’t wait to hold the cased book in your hands as much as I do.


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