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Hello again, Santiago said

Finally, I fine some good thoughts and time to be able to write again, I am thinking while slurping my Coffee and spectating Woody while he is reading dog-newspaper in the park in front of me.

Lots of things have happened since I my last post like the chase of Camino de Santiago trail, a number 8, the two best burgers of all time, a painful lesson caused by a tree or an interesting and thrilling idea for a Language from 19th century.

The Camino de Santiago trail is chasing me…

In cause of keeping late hours on Sunday evening to watch the sunset while laying on the beach, I wanted to give me some time for packing my stuff and enjoyed my morning coffee in the mist of the Rhine while I was watching the silhouettes of the ships passing by.

It was clear that it would be a very beautiful and sunny day when I started biking towards Nijmegen. After a few kilometers I saw a very happily smiling Woman, with grey-white Hair and a very hearty face carrying a heavy-looking backpack walking very motivated along the street. This was the second meeting with the Camino de Santiago trail so far because she was training for it. She wanted to walk 30 kilometers today and as it looked so easygoing I thought she could even deal with more kilometers. She passed me a couple of times when I stopped to make photos or relax in the sun and was always giving me a very hearty wink and a radiant smile. I love such kind of humans.

Hilarity is one of the best and happiest properties a person can have.

Best Hamburger: Round #1

When I arrived in Nijmegen, I decided to fill my supplies and buy Woody a new dog-bowl because I lost the old one when I stayed at the group of guys in Rees the evening before. While I my strolling-through-the-city, I saw a very inviting, small restaurant with lots of special beers from Belgium and the Netherlands. I drank some different beers and was very amazed by the art of brewing of local breweries. I also need to say that I ate a burger who was so delicious that it overshadowed all previously eaten burgers. It wasn’t just delicious. It was…. Well, there are no words for it.
The first bite felt like I would dive into a rainbow-pool full of different tastes of barbecue, bacon, angus beef and the perfect mix of salad. You may find that I must be crazy but even the order of Ingredients was perfect. At first beef, then cheese, bacon, salad and in the middle some sauce and onions. If I wouldn’t be sated allready I would have taken another one. In this moment I didn’t know that I would eat another special and very tasty burger just a few days later. Sadly, I have forgotten the name of the restaurant so I was looking for it via googlemaps while writing this. I Failed it.

When I come back to Nijmegen one mor time, I wont stop searching for it like Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lilly and Robin did once in an episode of How I met your Mother. The finish of the day were a 10 kilometer bike-out until I found a suitable place for my tent.

The Camino speaks Esperanto

Sadly, Tuesday was not as enjoyable as Monday. I took notice of squealing tyres just after a few kilometers so I had to stop to have a look at the reason. It was very clear that the squealing was coming from the brakes. While I was dealing with that tyres-problem a young woman crossed my way and stopped to ask for my problem. Sonja and me chopped in very fast and I saw me chased by the Santiago de Camino again.
She told me about her pilgrims‘ way and a language ‚Esperanto‘ which was about having something in common and a binding between humans. Everyone who would be able to speak this would be something like a „pilgrim of the world“ whom should be invited if he or she needed a residence for the night. There is even a list of all people who are able to speak that language which simplifies the search for and finding of all „Esperanti“ a lot.

Wikipedia has even whispered me that it is the most widespreaded planned language of the worlds and was also disapproved by the Nazis and Stalin. Who is surprised of that…
After 1-2 hours, when my bike was ready again I decided to make my way towards Tiel which was recommended by Sonja. But when I arrived in Tiel it was my back tyre which started squaling again paired with a starting rain. Because I was in the middle of a city area and there was no way I could find a suitable place to build my tent up I decided to try my luck on and to find a host for tonight. Luckily, I found one who could accomodate me in the late afternoon so that I just had to by-pass some time.
While waiting under a small roof surrounded by destroyed & nailed windows and a broking glass roof I began to repair my bike once again.

Better to have an eight than not beeing able to have one!

The disc of my brake probably got hit by something and was a bit warped on some sites. I decided to find out if I can pull the brakepads op as much as it would be needed to keep the brakes at small function while it would not squeal anymore. Luckily, I did it! I decided to cancel my host and keep on going to make at least 30 kilometer that day.

Tree 1, Kai 0

I built up my tent under a tree which turned out to be very stupid when everything was finished.In some measure it was the duel of the tree vs my ability to remember that there is a tree. The tree as won. I learned that lesson after I hit the tree five times with my head: Having a tree over you is pretty nice because you are able to hang up your clothes to dry and also because it saves you from rain but having a big limb about your tent-entrance is mildly said: not so beautiful.

What else?

Wednesday stole my hope on a very wet way but was given back by an incredible nice and lovely couple with a paradisaically house. About Cor the former truck-driver and nowadays allround-gardener, the former children’s book writer Corry which is his wife, Slot Loevestein & a box of books, two swimming pools, tasty aldi-beer and my experiences of Thursday with a very delicious and cheesy ending – thanks to Daan & Tess – I will write about in my next blog post. I will also write about my experiences in the Fenix Food Factory, Woody as a „Woodylicious attraction“ and some pub visits in Rotterdam with Arjen on friday night just as about my final stage on Saturday towards Hoek van Holland.

So stay tuned when Woody is starting to unpack his typewriter again to tell you more about our journey, experiences and acquaintanes.

Happy wishes from Rotterdam

Kai & Woody

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