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Good day travelers, backpackers, dreamers – friends!

My very first post shall inform you about the things which are coming up in the near future. Since July ’17 I started to reflect and question my own whishes, needs and dreams for the future. One dream, which I ever had was travelling, travelling and even more travelling! I wanted to see animals in their wild life, to get know as many different cultures and people until I can’t count them anymore. But, when a heartbreaking moment hit me, I was stuck in a circle of thoughts about everything to come.

The answer

The dream was to travel with my golden Retriever boy ‘Woodstock – Woody’ as far and much as we can. My first plan was to travel by car, airplane or ship, but I recognized that all this vehicles have some sort of barrier, named glas and speed, between the nature and passangers or driver.

The speed prevents from seeing all (seeming) unimportent things, without paying attention on them. The glas, on the other hand, prevents from smelling, feeling and hearing such things. Therefore, I decided to fulfill my dream a bit different and “closer” than before. With “closer” I mean, that I dont want to past places with 50,60 or 70 km/h, but to get know these sort of spots and impressions just as it’s often happening at big places like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Big Ben in London or the Great Wall of China. The answer to the question, how I want to travel with a 30 kilogramm dog is pretty easy: by bicycle.

The plan

During my identification stage, I began to write my very first book, which just seemed to flow out of my fingers. Anyhow, I realized that this may be it, which I always had to do! So why shouldn’t I combine it? I started to plan, what I may need for journeys and simultanously writings, but also which requirements are needed for me and Woody to sustain such travels from hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

The journey is the reward

You can see, that I m not aiming to an accurate goal, but a lot of subgoals which are made by the different travel stages. Since I am still stuck in my study, which I want to finish, I will just plan “smaller” trips for the next months, from 1 to 20 days anywhere in Germany and nearby countries. Of course, I will also report about those with lots of photographies, thoughts, stories and comments on my Blog, but also on my Instagram- and Facebookpage.

While I am researching my required (base-)equipment and also starting to put in some sponsoring-enquiries, I will inform you about the so-far-reached and purchased equipment, or post the one or other photo or video of Woody, me and my Bike. Also I want to give you small insights into my first book..

The first book

My first book also is about kind of a journey. It is not about bike- or dogpacking tours, but about an emotional, philosophical and psychological journey. Be sure that it wont be a guidebook, 10-steps-lifeplaner or live-better-broker. On the one hand, It shall give the reader an opportunity to question oneself and the until-now-achieved, or -wanted, and on the other hand it shall improve the abilty of a better appreciation and listening of the self, surrounding(s) and perception(s).

You can read full particulars on the page ‘The Quest’.

What is coming up next?

Within the next days, weeks and months, I will keep on training me and Woodstock, aswell as try to get different (material-)sponsors, interested in my travel project. My aim is to start a journey over 600 to 800 kilometers as soon as possible. As matters stand it might happen in early ’18.

So, stay tuned!

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  1. I will be following your journey! My dog is small, so I’m not sure if he could keep up with a bike, but I would love to do a modified version of your trip one day. My husband and I are hoping to travel Europe with our son and dog in 2019!

  2. I m thankful for the follow an hope you will enjoy my blog posts and stories!
    If your dog is small, you can just carry him 🙂 there are lots of opportunities for that which I also have seen a lot.

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