If you don’t go you won’t know

Coffee, warm fire, chocolate cake and a cozy couch.

When could you lean back more relaxed to write, think about the past days and the adventure „dogpacking“ in the Netherlands so far than now.
Yesterday, when I arrived in Hoek van Holland it felt not like I was on the road since 9 days but since 9 weeks or even months. Best would be if I could just go to UK by ship and start my already planed tour towards Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Oh it would be so nice if Continue reading If you don’t go you won’t know

Hello again, Santiago said

Finally, I fine some good thoughts and time to be able to write again, I am thinking while slurping my Coffee and spectating Woody while he is reading dog-newspaper in the park in front of me.

Lots of things have happened since I my last post like the chase of Camino de Santiago trail, a number 8, the two best burgers of all time, a painful lesson caused by a tree or an interesting and thrilling idea for a Language from 19th century. Continue reading Hello again, Santiago said

emo-newt and ritalin-bird

„finally arrived at the beach, even if its not the ocean… not yet …“, I thought.

Anywhere, a few kilometers behind the Dutch-German border, I built up my tent with an awesome view over the Rhine-river while enjoying a cup of red wine and watching ships passing by.

Listening and harkening is my motto for tonight.

The waves are smoothing the sand before my feet so I really would like to jump insight the water right now. Continue reading emo-newt and ritalin-bird

a rolling stone gathers no moss

I’m sitting in front of my imaginary Mind-Map.
Sorting thoughts, brooding about things, biking near the fields of my homeland, looking on Woody while he lolls about the grass.
I enjoy watching him, keeping on brooding, smiling, gaping about the power inside him…
Woodstock… My baby, my dog, my everything. Doesn’t matter what it will be, no matter where I go, whatever I will do, he is in! That‘s for sure! Continue reading a rolling stone gathers no moss

a stone starts rolling

Good day travelers, backpackers, dreamers – friends!

My very first post shall inform you about the things which are coming up in the near future. Since July ’17 I started to reflect and question my own whishes, needs and dreams for the future. One dream, which I ever had was travelling, travelling and even more travelling! I wanted to see animals in their wild life, to get know as many different cultures and people until I can’t count them anymore. But, when a heartbreaking moment hit me, I was stuck in a circle of thoughts about everything to come. Continue reading a stone starts rolling